3 Health Hacks to Use While Studying For the LSAT

November 7, 2013
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smoothieIt can be really difficult while you’re prepping for the LSAT to take care of your own health i.e., eat well, exercise, not consume staggering amounts of palpitation inducing energy drinks. Staying healthy while you’re juggling intense study sessions is important because your mental sharpness can wane if your physical health suffers. So here are 3 health “hacks” to make sure you stay healthy while training for your LSAT win.

Spend 15 min. In Between Study Sessions to Get Physical

Exercise is probably the last thing you’re thinking about when you’re trying to cram prep tests, drilling, review and other life responsibilities into your schedule but try to take at least 10-15 min. a day to expend some physical energy. Studies have shown that regular exercise improves blood flow to your brain; monkeys who were trained to exercise on a treadmill were shown to have better cognitive skills than sedentary monkeys who didn’t exercise. So get out from behind the desk sometimes and take a walk around the block or jog for a few minutes every morning.

Always Keep Water At Your Side

Researchers at the University of East London found that when people drink water, they are able to focus more and perform better on mental tests. Feeling tired during your prep session? Drink some water to wake up your brain. Dehydration has been linked to slowing down the brain so water will help balance your noggin and get you thinking sharper.

Have A Veggie “Quota”

It’s recommended that most people get at least 7-9 servings of vegetables and fruits a day. Of course who realistically eats this amount a day? To keep on top of your nutritional game, set yourself a per meal vegetable and fruit quota and try to stick it. For example, try committing to eating at least 1 vegetable per meal and 1 fruit per meal. This is an easier approach than stressing and having to remember the servings you’ve eaten at the end of the day.

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